Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2013 F1 Fanzone

In conjunction with Formula One Administration™, F1 Fanzone™ has created the ultimate live, outdoor event for motor sport fans and enthusiasts. It is designed to attract both dedicated and new fans alike in a festival atmosphere that engages visitors of all ages to celebrate the unique form of sport and entertainment that is Formula One™.

F1 Fanzone™ offers a wide variety of interactive, experiential and visual activities, providing something for everyone in an exciting environment. In 2009, the first F1 Fanzone™ made a spectacular debut in Abu Dhabi, attracting 286,000 visitors over 16 days with a peak one-day visitor audience of 80,000. In 2010, the visitor audience increased by more than 40% with 404,000 visitors to F1Fanzone™ over 18 days.

Allied Media, as Official Agents of F1 Fanzone™, were pleased to be able to provide a unique brand promotion experience for a number of major UAE and Europe based corporations seeking to influence an emotive, captive audience of 100s thousands of consumers over 12 days.

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