Nivea (pronounced [niˈveːaː][1]) is a global skin- and body-care brand that is owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company was founded on March 28, 1882, by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In 1900, the new owner Oskar Troplowitz developed a water-in-oil emulsionas a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. This was the basis for Eucerin and later, Nivea. Nivea comes from the Latinword niveus/nivea/niveum, meaning 'snow-white'.[2]

During the 1930s, Beiersdorf began producing such products as tanning oilsshaving creamsshampoo and facial toners. The trademark "Nivea" was expropriated in many countries following World War II. Beiersdorf completed buying back the confiscated trademark rights in 1997. During the 1980s, the Nivea brand expanded into a wider global market.

Nivea is known for using perfume in their products.






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