City Gas

City Gas (founded in 1861 as the Singapore Gas Company[1]) is currently the sole producer and retailer of low-pressure piped town gas (coal gas) in Singapore and also the sole user of the low-pressure piped town gas network in Singapore. City Gas holds the sole licence from the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to produce and retail town gas in Singapore and is regulated by EMA in respect of such activities.

City Gas has a production facility in Singapore, Senoko Gasworks, with a capacity of 1.6 million m3 per day which is the sole production facility of town gas in Singapore. As of June 2009, City Gas has approximately 610,000 customers. All its customers are in Singapore.

City Gas was divested from state asset manager Temasek Holdings to CitySpring in 2002.

Singapore's gas supply is converting from coal gas to natural gas. In 2007, PowerGas, a subsidiary of Singapore Power, was designated as Singapore's LNG terminal owner and operator.



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