18th Tag der Deutschen Einheit
german day

18th Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2008. BRANDENBURG GATE BERLIN On 3 October 2008, Germany celebrates the Day of German Unity for the 18th time.

On this day, Germany commemorates the unification of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic and it is also a very special day for all German people; a time during which the dream of a generation came true, and the peaceful resistance and determination with which GDR citizens overcame that separation to later become a united, democratic and free nation.

Unification celebrations will be held all over Germany, but especially in Berlin, where leading political figures will join the huge, joyful crowds who fill the streets between the Reichstag building and Alexanderplatz, to watch a fireworks display and take in the excitement of 18 of the biggest bands in Germany performing over the 3 days of the weekend!!

In addition to the 1 million plus spectators in Brandenburg Gate, RTL will broadcast the festivities LIVE to an audience of millions across Germany!!

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