Harley Davidson Day Hamburg

26th – 28th June 2009 marks the biggest public event for Hamburg this year!

Some 700,000 people from all over the world will come together to participate in 3 days of fun, music & festivities designed for men, women, the old and the young!

Parades, Stunt Shows, Pop Concerts, Fun Fairs & Food. Harley Days Hamburg 2009 has it all!

People from all over will come to admire & drool over one of the world’s truly major Icons.

For decades, Harley Davidson has been and continues to be the motorcycle of choice for Stars & Celebrities the world over. Harley Davidson Motorcycles have been ridden by many, many famous individuals, including actors, musicians, famous company executives, and politicians. James Dean and Marlon Brando may have started motorcycle mania with their movies, but since then celebrity owners have been seen on and off the screen riding Harleys. Harley Davidson motorcycles have been in production for over a hundred years, with a reputation of quality construction and loyal owners. 

Malcolm Forbes, the owner and president of Forbes magazine, didn’t start riding a Harley until his mid-forties. His endorsement of the Harley Davidson name opened up the door to many other executives and businessmen riding motorcycles. Jay Leno has been riding Harleys for years, adding to his massive collection of automobiles and motorcycles. Politicians have owned Harleys, including President Bill Clinton and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Elvis, Billy Idol, Cher, and Bruce Springsteen are just a few of the celebrity singers who have ridden Harleys. even Michael Jackson owned a Harley! Many actors also own and ride Harleys including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Sylvester Stallone. Models have also owned Harleys, including Nikki Taylor and Pamela Anderson. Additional celebrity women riders include Wynona Judd, K.D. Lang, Lauren Hutton, Tina Turner, and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Younger celebrities also are turning to Harley as their choice of motorcycle, including Jesse Metcalfe, an actor who has appeared on Desperate Housewives. Harleys appeal to riders of all ages, both young and old, with their variety of motorcycles.

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