About us

Sky World Media deliver innovative broadcast solutions showcasing major brands at premier sporting, music and cultural events.

We help you catch consumers outside of their familiar, safe surroundings and provide you with an opportunity for consumers “To Live Your Brand”

Sky World Media is the worldwide pioneer of "On Screen" advertising at major worldwide events enabling major brands to effectively reach millions of their desired target audience "outside of the home" as they engage in one of their passion points - LIVE Entertainment.

Sky World Media link leading brands with world class events, enabling them to reach unique targeted audiences, going through memorable experiences that provide them with a great source of happiness they will remember and associate with the brand.
When consumers remember the excitement they will remember your brand


There are very few environments where you can have a captive audience of thousands who are positively receptive to media and brand messages.
Repeatedly connecting with consumers who are emotionally charged and built up and cannot turn off your advertising enables you to communicate Powerful Brand Messages to a Large Groups of emotionally charged consumers across the globe

Sky World Media search out MAJOR Events that “Excite the Soul”, we have built up a large portfolio of premium and exclusive events that provide access to almost any demographic group in every key marketplace.

With a full technical team and development studio we can not only deliver pre-made content, but we can also advise on spot development and create your entire campaign from the ground up.

Sky World Media provide the “Missing Link”!
We deliver:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Connection
  • Brand Association

Associate with the Extraordinary


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